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Why do networks cancel all nice shows again? Hopefully 24 will stay on a bit, I am really looking forward to January for the next season! And VM of course.

And then surfing on the net and finding the book called: Finding Serenity : Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly is not fair. If you've seen the show, go hop over and read the intro by Jane Espenson, she almost made me cry.

It's shiny.

By Joss, that it is.

(And didn't someone have an icon of that? Must go looking...)


Dec. 6th, 2005 08:32 pm
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Wow, I just saw Serenity. And no, I hadn't finished with Firefly yet, which I would advise people to do, but I couldn't wait any longer. Felt nice going to the cinema alone. There were not too many people there so me laughing and crying and shouting Josss! all the time got noticed. Whatever!

and on to the spoilers... and I mean it! Go away you of not knowing the movie!!!! )

Overall: more than happy about it. Now I can sit back and enjoy the rest of Firefly. If you should have dared read through and want to comment please bear in mind that I am not spoiled for the series. And I have only seen a few eps yet! Also, if you have written a re-cap or an analysis or anything else about the movie or know someone, I wouldn't mind links. I know for most people it's been awhile since they've watched it, but to me it's all new!

I am very much looking forward to checking out Firefly/Serenity posts now, especially checking for icons. Yes, [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa, I am looking at you! Btw. no new Alias last week either, will send out the last eps of DH and VM with Alias this week. That ok? Hope so.

Oh, and I desperately need the Serenity soundtrack! Damn.

There was more movie goodness, but about that, later!


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