Feb. 26th, 2013 01:18 am
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Just watched the Oscars, a day late but I managed to remain completely unspoiled for everything so I had the pleasure of actually yelping and laughing loud and rejoice in all the wins. Because everyone won who deserved it IMHO. Sure, I haven't seen all the movies yet but after this I will watch a few more (Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, maybe Django. Anyone wanna come with?). So happy that I did watch Argo last week and goodness, was Ben Affleck happy or what? Deservedly so. And Adele winning her Oscar, she is the cutest!

What a fun evening. Just Seth McFarlane: meh. But most presenters are, huh? Maybe it's the role...
And having Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. on stage was fabulous, I wish they would have recognised the movie for more and Joss, too. Here's hoping for the next projects!

Also: Scarlett Johannson sings???? Why didn't I know this?
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We went to see Music and Lyrics (you can listen to a few soundtrack samples here) tonight and it was fantastic. Exactly my cup of tea, cheesy 80s songs, a very lovely, sweet romance story, silly fun. Hugh Grant is fantastic. And Drew Barrymore just really sweet. Now, I'll just have to get the soundtrack.

Other than this I've been a little swamped with work, well, I still make time for important things, like watching movies or Heroes, which is just getting better and better! Hopefully I'll catch up with Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy and House one of these days.

Watched a little Highlander last week, someone was so gracious as to upload it. Pretty. neat. Forgot how much I liked it.

Welcome to [livejournal.com profile] tohom! Hope you'll enjoy lj as much as I do!

Oh, and take a look at the cool icon. Made by the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] paddies. Thanks for changing it for me, I really appreciate it.


Dec. 6th, 2005 08:32 pm
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Wow, I just saw Serenity. And no, I hadn't finished with Firefly yet, which I would advise people to do, but I couldn't wait any longer. Felt nice going to the cinema alone. There were not too many people there so me laughing and crying and shouting Josss! all the time got noticed. Whatever!

and on to the spoilers... and I mean it! Go away you of not knowing the movie!!!! )

Overall: more than happy about it. Now I can sit back and enjoy the rest of Firefly. If you should have dared read through and want to comment please bear in mind that I am not spoiled for the series. And I have only seen a few eps yet! Also, if you have written a re-cap or an analysis or anything else about the movie or know someone, I wouldn't mind links. I know for most people it's been awhile since they've watched it, but to me it's all new!

I am very much looking forward to checking out Firefly/Serenity posts now, especially checking for icons. Yes, [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa, I am looking at you! Btw. no new Alias last week either, will send out the last eps of DH and VM with Alias this week. That ok? Hope so.

Oh, and I desperately need the Serenity soundtrack! Damn.

There was more movie goodness, but about that, later!


Jul. 28th, 2005 07:24 pm
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Watching some nice movie trailers, like the one for Bride and Prejudice (brilliant) and Elizabethtown. Cameron Crowe gave Orlando Bloom a real role where he is not wearing costumes! Good for him. Sounds even like a nice movie. After Kingdom of Heavens [sic!] that'd delight me! Saw the trailer yesterday already, they finally decided to bring on something new instead of the old two trailers we've seen enough of. But do take a look at the special internet first look trailer. Really nice, and is that Elton John singing?
Well, the other Pride and Prejudice adaption, the movie with Keira Knightly? Looks better and better.
The music for Zorro sounds like the one from Pirates of the Caribean...
Had to check out the Brothers Grimm. I totally did not recognize Heath!

All this because I don't want to revise the same text yet again!

Btw, does any of you (in Berlin?) know where I could buy a movie poster? Online is too much shipping. I would really love to have the Thelma and Louise one.
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Bride and Prejudice was sooooo brilliant! I loved the dancing, the new adaption, the music, it was just so funny!
And they had this special offer at the cinema, 6 € any seat (good thing I made reservations!) and a glass of Prosecco along with a raffle. Didn't win anything, but I enjoyed myself a lot.

The piece Mary sings in Pride and Prejudice - the only movie version worth watching - is translated in Bride and Prejudice into a "snake dance". It's weirder than it sounds.


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