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Was that the best episode of TVD ever or what?

WHAT? Jenna a vampire? Damon got bitten by Tyler? Tyler is back? And Damon is a big brother to Stefan, saving his girlfriend and the girl he loves. All in one ep. I am flabbergasted. That was one hell of a ride. Wow!!!! Will have to watch again, and I'll take a look what you all had to say about it and the I will watch again and again and I can't wait till next week. This is torture, clearly!

I loved Damon giving Elena blood, of course he doesn't trust Elijah, and I didn't quite get Stefan but ok, I think I will. And I am so sorry for Jenna but I can really see the fantabulous dynamics with her and Alaric. Wow.
Matt, you will turn into badass hunter and will have conversations with Alaric aplenty. I hope it makes for a more rounded character in the future, they didn't really show us anything, did they?
And where are Bonnie and baby bro? Huh? Not even a phone conversation? And where is Elijah off to? And why the fuck was no-one with Jenna???? Poor sweet girl.

Well, Elena won't get killed and there better be some potion or ritual or something for Damon. And I am sorry, Stefan, but I think you are out and Damon is in. Even after the stunt he pulled. He does risk his life, you? not so much. I had a feeling like they had both planned this but I don't know. It was more in the calling Damon and he being all 'little brother' and 'I'll take care of it' and then there will be Damon!pain when he watched Elena and Stefan reunite. Only maybe with Stafan eventually stepping back (because of the no-ever-lasting-future with Elena or the she should be with someone normal) and then she will eventually turn to Spike Damon because normal doesn't do it for her and she needs some monster in her man...

I freaking loved this episode. Loved. It.


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