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Watching the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant whilst drinking Earl Grey and savouring a few macarons, what a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. ;)

I was working in the morning and getting my sports on at my dancing class earlier as well, now some relaxation and then maybe a nice dinner. It might have to be soup or something else warming, it's quite freezing here.
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After this celebration, I am very moved by all the video clips from 89, and a little annoyed by the weird ceremony with Thomas Gottschalk. And I am not a fan of the dominoes, feels a bit trivial. But ok, they had to do something fro pictures.

I went to the afternoon walk over the former frontier on Bornholmer Strasse, where the first people were allowed to cross the border.

Take a look at the video below, they show how the wall came down at that exact spot, it's with English subtitles, and if you have no real idea why we crazy Germans are making such sentimental posts today, and why everyone is talking about this anniversary, or even just want to get an idea how Germans were feeling 20 years ago, you will know after you watch this.

And this is from today:

Gorbatschow and our mayor Klaus Wowereit

visitors on the bridge today

This was quite an emotional day. Being a Wessi studying in the East, having a best friend and room mates from the East, and of course many of my friends were born on either side of the wall, there was much sharing about growing up in the East or West. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to go to the East and to be living in Berlin now, just 10 minutes away from the former border on the Böse Brücke, the check point Bornholmer Strasse.
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] spiritcrow! I love you, girl! Thanks for always being a friend. Have a great time in California! You are the best!

Found a flat (if you knew we were searching, I probably didn't tell...), and it's way great, tomorrow morning we'll sign the lease.
My sis is visiting next weekend, yay!
Our exhibition looks way nice, I'll post pictures eventually.
Was busy and then sick with a cold, hope there will be a more coherent and complete account. Well, with all the shows starting up again, I will have to post reviews or complaints or the like here a little bit more and will be around more often.

Queer as Folk is too addictive. I could re-watch all eps every day. And seriously, I love [livejournal.com profile] paddies, [livejournal.com profile] vamphile and [livejournal.com profile] triciaqaf for their pretties and stories. You girls rock!
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Very much busy at the moment, our exhibition for the 250-year-anniversary of the Jewish Hospital is coming to its conclusion and I am working my ass off!
Looking for a better way to translate: "er findet große Anerkennung" than saying: "finding great recognition" I stumbled upon this funny definition on leo:

Phwah! - Ausruf der Anerkennung für ein sexuell attraktives Mitglied des anderen Geschlechts

Just thought I'd share!
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Hrmpf! I am just proof-reading for our University/History Department "paper" and can't stand it anymore! These guys can't write for shit! And if I want to make it better I'd have to re-write everything! Fucking crap shit. Otherwise I enjoy proof-reading, but this is just unbearable!

Going to bake a cake for tonight's football match now, away from these hopeless articles.



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